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Terrain makes algorithms easy.


Our quick story.

Terrain was founded in 2015 to change the way products and services are sold online. As e-commerce and search veterans, Mike Agnich and Charles Tripp set out to bridge the gaps between data-driven marketing groups and the channels they use to drive revenue and growth. While the marketers and channel managers knew what steps they needed to take to improve channel performance, they found that much of the technical capability needed to optimize e-commerce offers were held by the IT teams. Consequently, projects took too long and cost too much in an increasingly competitive industry. Today, Terrain’s mission is to put algorithm success in the hands of e-commerce managers and marketers so they can drive improved performance, higher conversions and more profitability.  Terrain is proud to be backed by some of the world’s best and most successful investors and is located in Palo Alto, California. Our customers are seeing 15% - 30%+ immediate improvements in key e-commerce conversion metrics, and are developing powerful new processes that allow them to challenge the most advanced competitors in their industries.