Terraformer offers unprecedented control of search, recommendations, and feeds—far beyond what’s possible for any other off-the-shelf or custom-built solution. 

Earth-shattering interface—rock solid technology. 



A drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to automatically adjust, deploy, test, and tune algorithms at scale


A co-located in-memory data store and processing engine that ties into any existing web platform through simple API calls and sits behind your existing firewall


For CMOs:

  • Elegantly create, deploy and optimize algorithms
  • Harness the human ingenuity of your marketing, product, and data science teams
  • Bypass the maintenance costs and inherent constraints of common open source solutions
  • Increase engagement, revenue and margin
  • Create the right algorithms to run your business

For CIOs:


  • Fully and automatically scalable to the largest and most varied data sets
  • Runs on all major cloud platforms (AWS, Google, etc.)
  • Risk-free installation in parallel to your current system(s)
  • No changes to your existing database
  • Easy co-located integration on standard Linux distribution
  • Easy APIs to make integration and data loading simple and fast


  • Vectorized data structures that enable efficient column based operations
  • Reference counting to handle memory management without any garbage collection pauses
  • Create and deploy new algorithms in seconds
  • Proprietary task scheduling system built for modern servers and systems


  • Intelligent and automatic caching and indexing to minimize the need for any manual management
  • Next-generation in-memory indexing to enable joins at query time