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Introducing Terrain Ascent

Emailing the right content to the right customer at the right time can lead to spectacular results.  With Terrain Ascent, marketers now have complete control over the products or services that they are promoting through email to each of their customers.


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Evergreen Campaigns

Terrain Ascent automatically adjusts each campaign email based on changes to the core product data, supply-chain data and user analytics.  Email recommendations stay fresh - like a forest of pines.


Results to drive Peak Performance

Terrain Ascent moves the needle for online commerce companies.  Our customers report 30%+ improvements in clicks, conversions, and orders, and astounding ROI. All within the first 2 weeks of usage.

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Human-guided Algorithms

Tune a starter algorithm and Terrain Ascent will do the rest, using artifical intelligence to constantly improve the performance of its selections.


IT Free Integration

Connect your email tools to Terrain Ascent with a simple plugin or API code.  Terrain takes it from there.  No need to ask IT for development cycles or disrupt existing technology investments.

Designed for the tools you use


Case Study: Personalizing Date Night at UrbanSitter

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With Terrain, we were able to combine 30 of our customer and sitter attributes to deliver a 34% increase in sitter bookings. We delivered complex new campaigns from within the marketing team, without needing IT support. Now every UrbanSitter member gets a personalized email with recommended sitters that are optimized for their needs.
— Daisy Downs, Cofounder and CMO, UrbanSitter

With Terran Ascent you can run new personalized campaigns that you never thought possible.

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