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From landing pages to recommendation modules to site search, it’s time to bring powerful algorithm management to your website.  With Terrain Summit, you can take new merchandising campaigns from concept to execution to analysis in real time without a committee of developers.



Personalized algorithms for every customer

Terrain Summit delivers personalized product feeds for each visitor based on both what you know about them and about the products they are interested in.  

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Optimized customer journeys

Customers who enter through an email campaign expect different results than those who come from a affiliate link.  Terrain Summit gives you the power to design and deploy different algorithms to optimize performance across every customer touchpoint.


Make it easy


to explain why

When a stakeholder asks “Why is this result displayed?” you can spend hours trying to get an answer.  With Terrain, algorithm transparency coupled with built in analytics make getting an answer a breeze.


Build, Analyze, Improve - in realtime

At many companies, it takes a committee to make a change to the merchandising process.  Not with Terrain. Marketers are empowered to experiment in real-time, and take the best algorithms to production with little or no IT support needed.

Terrain runs with services you trust

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Case Study:Eating, Drinking and Grilling oh my!

When customers shop at Mancrates, they are looking for a gift for a special guy. With over 40 gift categories, we use Terrain to make sure that the optimal products are displayed to every visitor at all times.
— Celina Johnson , COO, Mancrates

With Terran Summit you can build, deploy, optimize and explain AI-guided merchandizing campaigns.

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